#FreeHypnotherapyTalks Encore Return to Innocence with Sound Hypnosis – What is 432 Hz?featured

Fine Music Radio presenter and Psychoacoustic Hypnotherapy Practitioner Andy Wilding explains how he uses sound hypnosis to help people achieve effective and long lasting relief from anxiety, insomnia, and depression. In this free talk, Andy presents and explains the science behind hypnosis, and the various aspects of his practice, focussing on psychoacoustics; the frequency-following response; and how the 432Hz frequency, also known as “Verdi’s A”, can be used in hypnosis to increase relaxation, and develop motivation and peace of mind.


What is 432Hz? Return to Innocence with Sound Hypnosis Talk Outline: What is Psychoacoustics? Neuroplasticity & Hypnotherapy, 432 Hz Demo The Anxiety-Depression-Insomnia Cycle, Controlling Anxiety in Alpha

About the author

Andrew Wilding

Andrew Wilding is a Counseling Hypnotherapist (HMI C.Ht) specialising in creative Visualization and psychoacoustics. He is also a radio presenter on Fine Music Radio, committee member of the Friends of Orchestral Music Cape Town, and a motivational speaker.