Sound Sculpture 2017

The connection between psychoacoustic sounds and sculpture happened when I was a student at Michaelis in Cape Town. I love figurative art and I enjoyed making beautiful fairies and goddesses but I had an experience in meditation that compelled me to explore ways in which I could describe something perhaps even deeper than beauty. Elemental Instruments are a response to that experience and my attempt to describe it, it was just a wonderful sense of peace, and there was this sound, this hum. I studied hypnotherapy and quickly came across the field of psychoacoustics, which is the study of sounds that effect brain activity. I produced some binaural beats tracks and started using them and the effect on my clients was immediate, they became more relaxed and followed my suggestions in hypnosis more easily. This project is an attempt to draw my two greatest passions together: helping people and making sculpture. I have seen how sound is an extremely powerful healing tool, especially when combined with hypnosis, where specific past hurts and traumas can be healed for good. Sound recordings of my sculptures make up part of the backing track in the personalised audio hypnosis tracks that I produce for clients as homework.


Overcoming Critical Thinking for Self Motivation 2015

Critical thinking is regarded as a sign of advanced intelligence, but it can easily cause self-doubt and procrastination. Sometimes you have to believe that you can do what your critical thinking tells you is impossible or beyond your ability. The soundtrack in this video is the same psychoacoustic track that I use in my sessions.


Psychoacoustics and Hypnotherapy, 2015

Psychoacoustics is a branch of science that explores the ability of certain sounds to effect brain function. The ancient civilisations of Sumer and India knew what these sounds were and used them extensively, in what we today call “psychotherapy”.


Hypnotherapy and Neuroplasticity, 2015

Hypnosis is not magic, it’s training. “Neuroplasticity” means that the more you think a certain way, the more that way of thinking becomes a habit.


GPS For Life – Goal Programming System, 2014

GPS is the system of self motivation that forms the basis for my workshops.