GPS Employee Engagement

Introducing the “E and P” model of behavioural analysis

for enhanced prospecting


Specifically designed for sales teams to improve performance by developing:

  • Perseverance

  • Positive attitude

  • Successful mindset

  • Resistance to rejection


The GPS – Goal Programming System – is a 2 hour workshop that presents the Physical and Emotional Behavioural Analysis Model; takes your staff through a 5-Tiered Goal Setting Process; and provides them with a daily tracking method – Success Journal – to see where they are and what they need to do in order to arrive at their destination. Additionally, your staff will be trained and produce their own unique self-motivation soundtrack (SMS) as an mp3 track on their phone. The SMS is a highly effective focussing technique for eliminating procrastination, by redirecting the person’s thoughts back onto the task at hand. In conjunction with the Success Journal, these two elements work together like a GPS and a car: The Success Journal is the map and positioning system, while the SMS is the driving force that keeps the person moving.


The cost of the 2 hour GPS workshop is R10,000, which covers the following components:

  • 5-Tiered Goal Setting Process

  • Success Journal Template

  • Self Motivation Soundtrack (SMS)

  • Prospect Analysis Questionnaires and training with the Physical and Emotional Behavioural Model


The ONE-WEEK GPS CHALLENGE is for your staff to use the Success Journal and SMS every day for one week. Assessing their own performance after that week, it will be clear to them, that using the GPS Goal Programming System keeps them self-motivated and improves their performance.


The 60 DAY GPS CHALLENGE is an opportunity for a company to identify leaders among their staff, and provide those individuals with personal attention to help overcome their limitations that may cause resistance to their SMS and long term goals. Over the two month period, the challenge is for your staff to use their GPS every day, with the support of one-to-one hypnotherapy sessions to be arranged at your convenience, with myself and individuals who request assistance. One-to-ones are charged at R400 for the first hour, and there after R6.00 per minute. Session times are flexible to suit the needs of the employee. Suggested intervals for one-to-ones are one day per week.


The ONE-WEEK GPS CHALLENGE can easily be upgraded to the 60 DAY GPS CHALLENGE, simply by announcing to your staff that, due the improvements over the first week, you have decided to keep it going!


GPS Employee Engagement

  • Tailored training for your organisation
  • Solve under-performance problems caused by stress, anxiety, apathy, or negativity in your workplace
  • 2 Hour group training 
  • Optional one-to-one follow ups
  • Personal Self-Motivation Soundtracks for employees
  • 5-Tier system for managing 10-Year life goals 
  • Daily Success Journal Template
  • R10,000.00


Trustworthy solutions for motivation & inner peace

Andy Wilding is one of the top motivational speakers Cape Town has to offer.

Motivational Seminars

“The Power Of Belief”, La Montogne Hotel, Ballito


GPS Employee Engagement

Group and corporate motivational seminars

“The most exciting part of my job is talking to people in an organisation that acknowledges the advantages of a self-fulfilled work-force. My favourite clients have already structured performance incentives for their company and are now looking for a higher gear to shift into, where each individual knows what they want in life and sees the company as a means to achieve their personal goals.”

Andy Wilding, group and corporate motivational seminars: GPS = Goal Programming System



Andy Wilding is an inspiring motivational speaker, guiding his audience to remember their passion in life, and teaching them a brilliant method of personal motivation to leverage company incentives holistically so that fulfilling their passion benefits both themselves and their organisation.


Andy is also a prominent Radio Presenter on Fine Music Radio, currently compiling and presenting his own program on Sundays 12 – 2, “The Classic A List”. He has a wide knowledge of music and is also an avid reviewer of classical concerts in and around Cape Town.


His motivational workshops are tailor made to assure that the material in his presentation is relevant to your staff and the needs of your organisation. The material is derived from his 4 year private practice of on to one hypnotherapy sessions in which he treated cases of anxiety, panic, and depression, by helping his clients to remember their direction in life, and then teaching specialised mental training to stay focussed, calm, and motivated.

Motivational seminars typically include a blend of:

  • understanding your basic needs and recognising your life purpose
  • motivating concepts such as the extent to which your state of mind creates what happens in your life
  • practical training to leverage your current resources more efficiently
  • mental training to strengthen your will power
  • self-hypnosis techniques for using desire instead of force




  • more efficient use of time and higher productivity
  • better stress and frustration management
  • increased will power and motivation
  • clarity of individual purpose
  • improved communication and people skills


“You will leave this workshop feeling relaxed, empowered, and confident in your ability to use a reliable success method in your personal and professional life.” – Sarita Herman, CEO Energy Supplements


Personal success training is recommended for groups in corporate, government, sports, retail, schooling, and NGO sectors.


Andrew Wilding The Power of BeliefGPS Employee Engagement

  • Tailored training for your organisation
  • Solve under-performance problems caused by stress, anxiety, apathy, or negativity in the workplace.
  • 2 hour personal success training program
  • R10,000.00



Contact Andy Wilding directly:
Cell: 079 567 4261
Email: awwilding@gmail.com





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