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25 November 2015 ~ Cape Town

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2 December 2015 ~ International

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The principle of psychoacoustics is that certain sounds can effect the brain state. These sounds can therefore be very useful for learning and studying, because the brain is more receptive when we are relaxed and alert. For this reason, psychoacoustics and “sound hypnosis” is one of the most important aspects of my work, because any positive attitude that we desire needs to be learned in order to become a habit.

When I first introduced psychoacoustic sounds into my hypnotherapy sessions in 2010 I noticed an immediate difference in the depth and stability of hypnosis. Many people believe that hypnosis is a state in which the Hypnotherapist “controls you” or makes you do things, but this is a misconception due to misunderstanding and hype. If you went into hypnosis you would be in a voluntary dream state – you would agree to be there. You can only be hypnotised if you choose to be, just like any other kind of training. The Hypnotherapist trains you in such a way that your desired actions seem agreeable to you and easy for you to accept, to help you overcome the resistance that you have just by thinking about what you should do. In this way you can overcome procrastination, insecurity, addictions, etc. Resistance feels like your mind arguing or disagreeing, and comes from fear and self doubt. In hypnosis your therapist should be able to remove those fears by focusing on the positive, and directing your mind onto how amazing it feels when you are doing what you know is best for you. This makes you feel excited and motivated, and you feel stronger than your fears or doubts, or what ever was holding you back in the past. Do you know how you can create your own Self Motivation Soundtrack to get you anywhere in life that you want to go?

Psychoacoustics Talk: Return to Innocence with Sound Hypnosis

In my talk I present the hard science behind the claims in an easy and accessible way, with plenty of slides to explain how it works. Some of the slides you may recognise from around this website – mostly my own designs. There will also be a short demonstration of the soundtrack that I use in my sessions, to give you an idea of how sound can effect you. I use the 432 Hz “A” – I will explain the relevance of this, and also why Tibetan singing bowls are tuned to this frequency. The sound demonstration includes each of the sounds of the 7 Chakras in the Tibetan system. The talk also explains that Chakras are non-religious, scientific phenomena, having tangible counterparts in western anatomy, and how to use Chakras as a psychological and emotional map.


  • What is Psychoacoustics?
  • Neuroplasticity & Hypnotherapy
  • The Frequency-Following Response
  • 432 Hz Demo – Access to Alpha State
  • The Anxiety-Insomnia-Depression Cycle
  • 432 Hz Demo – Controlling Anxiety in Alpha


Date: Friday 20 November 8pm
Duration: about 2 hours
Venue: Diep River Spiritual Church
Adress: 21 Kendal Rd, Diep River, Cape Town
Info and booking: 079 567 4261
Donation: R20

Workshop and Webinar: GPS For Life – Goal Programming System

To give you a chance to get hands-on with this material I am doing a workshop in Cape Town and a webinar specifically for Durban, but of course everyone is welcome. To participate in the webinar just sign in here and you will receive a link via email. (As this will be a video webinar, you will need a fairly good internet connection.) The material gives you all you need to know about neurolinguistics to write your own affirmation for self motivation. I will be doing one-to-one coaching, so booking is limited to 10 PLACES ONLY. You will also receive training in meditation – the most basic mental skill of them all. Thinking is the accelerator, meditation is the break – pretty scary that so few people know how to stop! No wonder we are so stressed out!


  • What is Positive Thinking?
  • Neurolinguistic Affirmation Writing
  • Meditation training


WORKSHOP Date: Wednesday 25 November 8pm sign in here
Duration: about 2 hours
Venue: The Lounge
Adress: 19 Dalmore Road Tokai, Cape Town
Info and booking: 079 567 4261
Investment: R500 (includes full workshop notes)


WEBINAR Date: Wednesday 2 December 8pm sign in here
Duration: about 2 hours
Venue: Your PC, Laptop, Phone, or Tablet
Info and booking: 079 567 4261
Investment: FREE

For my clients I offer Self Motivation Soundtracks (SMS) which I send via email link to Dropbox. I do not usually offer these in workshops but because of the interest I have received, I am going to offer the 10 people who book for the workshop a FREE SELF MOTIVATION SOUNDTRACK of 20 minutes, with the psychoacoustic backing that I use in my sessions, all covered in the registration fee.

And that isnt all I am giving away… My meditation training track is selling quite well on-line now, for $16.50, which is currently around R237.41, BUT I AM GOING TO GIVE IT TO YOU FOR FREE if you are one of the 10 people who get onto the workshop.

I look forward to meeting you soon and helping you to create your own GPS Self Motivation Soundtrack! Go anywhere in life that you want to be! Sign in for only R500 and book your place to receive:

  • A refreshing new outlook on positive thinking
  • A neurolinguistic tool kit with full explanation
  • A full set of notes including my GPS Goal Programming System, developed for corporate groups
  • Personal meditation training
  • My meditation training CD worth R237
  • Your own Self Motivation Soundtrack, usually only available after a one hour consultation of R400

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