The Synergy of Sound – Musical Sculptures & Psychoacoustic Reprogramming – Free Seminar Featuring The Organ Player 7 July

The Synergy of Sound – Musical Sculptures & Psychoacoustic Reprogramming – Free Seminar Featuring The Organ Player 7 Julyfeatured

In 2012 I met entrepreneur and business coach Dr. Hannes Dreyer at a Mind Power session with Robin Banks at the Suncoast Casino in Durban. Dr. Dreyer assessed my hypnotherapy business and encouraged me to find a way somehow to include my sculpture work in my hypnotherapy practice. At the time I had no idea how or even if this could be accomplished but it resonated with me. I had known for some time that some day I would be using the sounds of my sculptures in my hypnotherapy soundtracks.

Gary Van Dyk Andy Wilding, The Organ Player

Gary Van Dyk, People’s Post, Tuesday 25 April 2017

5 years later, I am happy to announce the completion of three new soundtracks featuring sounds from my sculptures. The sounds are taken from recordings at my exhibition 2016, as well as my recent work at Afrikaburn “The Organ Player”. I look forward to sharing these sounds in a free demonstration and seminar, in which I will explain the advantages of using psychoacoustics in hypnosis.

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July 7 Free Seminar Synopsis

  • Theory and philosophy behind The Organ Player sculpture
  • Hypnotherapy and neuroplasticity
  • Vedic 432Hz Chakra frequencies with sound demonstrations of each one
  • How sound influences brain function via the frequency-following response
  • Selected video clips of The Organ Player with sound, from the Afrikaburn festival
  • How the right combination of psychoacoustics and hypnotherapy can bring a person out of anxiety, depression, and many other difficulties

Andy Wilding, Hypnotherapy Cape Town

The Spiritual Centre Church

21 Kendal Road Diep River Cape Town

Hope to see you there, bring a friend!


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About the author

Andrew Wilding is a Counseling Hypnotherapist (HMI C.Ht) specialising in creative Visualization and psychoacoustics. He is also a radio presenter on Fine Music Radio, committee member of the Friends of Orchestral Music Cape Town, and a motivational speaker.