The Harmony of 432 Hz and 528 Hz – Tuning In to the Cosmic Hum – What is 432 Hz?

The Harmony of 432 Hz and 528 Hz – Tuning In to the Cosmic Hum – What is 432 Hz?featured

People are easily deluded by the hope or promise of healing and peace, and tend to dismiss real solutions as “airy fairy”, or “too spiritual”, rather than getting fooled. For this reason, most people don’t know when good things change. In 1953, following the recommendation of evil Nazi propaganda genius Joseph Goebbels, the International Standards Organisation ruled that all western music conform to the tuning where “A” is set at 440 Hz – 8 Hz higher than it has always been, since ancient times.
Music, scales, and tuning, come from the same source of knowledge that built the Great Pyramid – a device which we have yet to understand. This ancient knowledge was so powerful that, long after the fall of those empires, only the initiated are taught their secrets: Kabbalah, Merkhaba, Tantra, Yoga, Qigong, Ti Chi…

Who is Joseph Goebbels? Did he design accurate observatories and perfectly astronomically aligned Ziggurats? Why did we listen to his propaganda? Did we really know what we were doing when we raised the key of our music system by 8 Hz? Do we have the skill to perceive the difference that it may have on us?

When you tune your car radio, you are “tuning-in” to a certain frequency. 8 Hz is the difference between the signal you want, and noise.

Don’t roll your eyes, its not a conspiracy theory, it just fact. Ask yourself this: when you learned history at school, did you learn about the atrocities committed by your country’s soldiers, the lives pointlessly lost through incompetence or arrogance? Were you taught anything that would embarrass you or make you ashamed of what your country has done in the past? Or did you learn most of that through personal research and talking to people who saw the other side of your history lessons?

History is written by the victors, and the fact is, we are not told the whole truth, because if we knew what really happened, we would question our political leaders when they told us to go war against foreign terrorists, and we would question our religious leaders when they told us that foreigners have a rubbish God, and we have the real one.


Cymatics prooved that the Om sound at the right frequency creates the shape of the Shree Yantra in sand
Cymatics prooved that the Om sound at the right frequency creates the shape of the Shree Yantra in sand

What is 432 Hz?

For those who are willing to listen, the Cosmos is making music. If we could tune-in to the “Cosmic Hum”, we would find bliss and well-being. A seemingly incredulous claim, this fact is evident from thousands of years of continuous use. The ancient Indian Vedas (books of science), instruments recovered from ancient Egypt and Sumer (Iraq), Greek mathematician Pythagoras, opera legend Verdi, natural scientist Rudolf Steiner, and an increasing body of modern anecdotal evidence published by the ever mushrooming learning culture of the internet, are the endorsements of the legend that 432 Hz and 528 Hz are in fact healing sounds. The claim is further supported by a surprising large and unsurprisingly secret body of neurological evidence that 432 Hz and 528 Hz are fundamental frequencies with which the human body naturally resonates. (Sympathetic resonance is explained in a moment…)


Sacred Geometry, Music of the Spheres, the Cosmic Hum

Music of the Spheres is an alchemical principle explored by Pythagoras, rooted in Kabala, that assigns each planet a note in the scale, and maps the passage of a traveller from Earth to Heaven. The Cosmic Hum is described by Hindu mystics who claim to be able to hear a continuous OM sound. These concepts are really one and the same. In the remaining architecture of sites like the Giza plateaux in Egypt, Ankor Wat temple complex in Cambodia, and the stone circles at Carnac and Stone Henge, to name only the most well known, we have an undeniable record of just how much importance the ancient world placed on sacred geometry.


Ancient structures were often aligned using "Sacred Geometry"
Sacred Geometry Cosmic Alignment – Giza, Ankor Wat, Carnac, Stone Henge


The architects of these structures spent incredible effort on precision alignments, and measurements that correspond with cosmic numbers. (Graham Hancock’s YouTube series on ancient temple sites is highly recommended.) The reason for all that effort is the belief that microcosm mirrors macrocosm – our bodies are microcosmic, holographic representations of the macrocosm, the greater cosmos. This belief comes up in every ancient culture: shamanic, Egyptian, Aboriginal, and it is still alive and well in the Chinese science of Feng Shui, and the Indian science of Vastu Shastra. The design of your house and property, and the placement of your furnishings has a direct bearing on your health, relationships, wealth, and success. When these architects get the geometry right, they build structures that are in harmony with the cosmos, which means that the people who occupy these structures will be healthy, wealthy, and successful.


Architecture is Sacred Geometry when it mirrors the human body, which is created in proportion to the Cosmos
Sacred Geometry of the Human Body


432 Hz and 528 Hz – The Sound of the Cosmos

“All science is ultimately derived from vibration. Compound physics distils into math, and from there into geometry, but you can also create geometry from vibration”

Jamie Buturff

If we convert the numerical values of cosmic measurements into frequencies, we will begin to uncover patterns, systems, and programs that predict occurrences, for example the Golden Mean system. We can understand this from one, or any combination of 5 explanations:


1. Direct Experience
Sound meditation using the 432 Hz “A” is the easiest way to understand what all this fuss is about. Last Thursday I facilitated a guided Chakra meditation using isochronic pure tones of the 432 Hz tuning. The Vedas tell us that Chakras are energy fields generated by the electro-chemical activity of the 6 major ganglia (dense networks of nerves) in the nervous system. Each Chakra has a different frequency, and emits light of a certain colour, too low to be perceived by the average human eye. (The light and colour of Chakras can be seen by those who have trained their perception, and by certain equipment, eg Chakra Photography.)


The feedback from this meditation session was very positive. Everyone felt extremely relaxed and at peace afterwards, and a few people reported actually being able to see the colours of their Chakras, activated by the sounds. This meditation will be available for download as soon as possible, see available audio.


2. Music Theory

Despite their differences, eastern and western music are both based on the foundation of the “harmonic sequence”. This can easily be understood using any stringed instrument. Playing an open string will produce a note, for example G. Lightly pressing your finger on the string to divide the length in half, will produce a higher G, one octave up. Lightly pressing the string to divide it into thirds, quarters, fifths, or sixths, will produce the “harmonic sequence” of notes, also called “harmonics”.

Sympathetic Resonance
When a note is sounded, any resonant material or instrument in close proximity that is in tune with that that note, WILL ALSO SOUND. This could be a bell, a violin, a crystal glass, an iron railing or light fitting, or the sympathetic strings on a sitar. The note that is sounded is called the fundamental note, and the best results are achieved when the fundamental is a bass note. Any relative frequency will also sound, for example a 5th or an octave above the fundamental.

The harmonic range of a note can also be heard when a well tuned instrument is sounded in a supportive acoustic environment, and these are called overtones.

When we use the 432 Hz frequency, we are actually hearing the entire harmonic range of that fundamental note, of which 528 Hz is the major 3rd, C#, a natural harmonic generated by the division of the string into 5ths.
Tuning the A to 432 Hz also means that the entire scale is tuned relative to the A.


3. Mathematics 
In the musical example, the open G – string was, lets say 384 Hz. The 1st harmonic, half the length of the string, is double the frequency of the note: 768 Hz.

In this field, two rival mathematicians seem unwilling to hear the music – Jamie Buturff promotes 432 Hz, Leonard Horowitz promotes 528 Hz, but all one has to do is play the music to hear that these 2 notes FORM A PERFECT MAJOR 3RD!! For mind boggling mathematical detail, both Buturff and Horowitz have well established websites filled with scary maths from the deep end of the classroom, but I believe this simple table nutshells the concept:


Table showing numerology of 432 and 528 Hz

The notes (frequencies) are those used in the creation of Tibetan singing bowls, specifically tuned to the Chakras. To observe emerging patterns in the matrix, I have divided each frequency by an octave of 432. 216 Hz is one octave below A, 108 (very sacred in Vedic numerology) is 2 octaves below the 432 Hz A. The “interval” column shows the note’s relation to A.

What I find exciting about this table is the instances of repetitive patterns or numbers. This represents predictability in the cosmos, since repetitive numbers create clean fractions, and clean fractions in string harmonics create harmony, and harmony is peaceful and healing.

Here are some more patterns that emerge using cosmic measurements in comparison to the 432 unit. In all but the speed of light, cosmic measurements have been divided by 432. The whole numbers mean that the cosmic measurements listed are exactly divisible by 432 – hence the claim, that when you play 432 Hz, you are “in tune with the cosmos.”


Sacred Geometry of 432Hz


4. Wave Theory
Sound is a much lower frequency than light, and by nature they appear different, in that sound is a mechanical or compression wave, and light is an electromagnetic radiation (EMR) wave. The difference is that EMR waves transfer matter, and compression waves do not.

I have always believed that light is just a higher frequency of sound, and I am still not convinced that conventional wave theory can continue to separate sound and light, since quantum mechanics shows that subatomic matter behaves both as particles and as waves (wave particle duality). With this in mind, I find the research of Nick Anthony Fiorenza of particular interest. He has calculated that, by multiplying the frequency of any sound wave by 40, one arrives at the corresponding frequency of colour. (Fascinating website, highly recommended.)

Differences aside, light and sound waves have a fundamental similarity: they are waves, and as such they are paths of energy. Sometimes when you look too closely, the pieces don’t look like they are going to fit, but when you observe the whole picture, sound waves behave like fundamental frequencies, or carrier waves, on which light (colour) is the harmonic overtone.


5. FFR – Frequency-Following Response and Entrainment
Discovered in the late 1800s by Wilhelm Dove while experimenting with Binaural Beats, FFR is the naturally occurring behaviour of neurons to assimilate a frequency experienced either aurally, or electronically, as in the case of the Koren Helmet. [full article: Binaural Beats and isochronic Tones]


Brain States of Frequency-Following Responses, entrainment
Brain States of Frequency-Following Responses, entrainment


Dove observed that Binaural Beats of a certain frequency were creating a neural following response of the same frequency in his test subjects, and quickly realised that one can choose the exact frequency one desires to follow. “Entrainment” describes the process of the brain’s following response, training the former neuro-behaviour to follow the desired frequency, for example a calming 8 Hz.

From what we know about the importance of careful selection, it becomes a simple case of choosing the desired input, most conveniently aural, and using a soundtrack of harmonious tuning for meditation, or why not manifestation?

When A is 432 Hz, it creates sympathetic resonance, or Frequency-Following Response, in the human nervous system, which resonates into the Chakra System, and this has strongly positive physical, emotional, and psychological effect. The 432 Hz Isochronic Chakra Meditation will be released as an audio download on this website early next year. You can experience this complete meditation for yourself – become a member to receive a reminder about when this audio track is ready for you to download.


If you would like to read more about psychoacoustics and the frequency-following response, check out this article on my new website: Continue reading…


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Andrew Wilding

Andrew Wilding is a Counseling Hypnotherapist (HMI C.Ht) specialising in creative Visualization and psychoacoustics. He is also a radio presenter on Fine Music Radio, committee member of the Friends of Orchestral Music Cape Town, and a motivational speaker.