Top 8 Complaints from Survey and How Hypnotherapy Helps

In November 2014 I created a public survey to find out what people find most challenging about life. What I discovered from looking at the results of this survey has completely changed my approach to personal development. If you are interested in statistics and you have an analytical mind I think you will enjoy these 8  Top Complaints and How Hypnotherapy Helps
Top 8 Questions and Applications For Hypnotherapy

1. Why am I so anxious? How to reduce anxiety*

2. Why am I so unhappy? Is depression curable? How to cure depression*

3. Why can’t I sleep at night? How to cure insomnia*

4. Why am I always angry? How to reduce anger

5. How can I increase my income? Think rich ^WORK SMART^ grow rich

6. How can I increase my will power? Self motivation techniques

7. What is my life purpose? How to find direction in life

8. What is a personal affirmation? How to write neurolinguistic affirmations