#6 How can I increase my will power?

By Andrew Wilding

Top 8 questions about hypnotherapy #6: How can I increase my will power? Self motivation techniques.

Increasing your will power is the only way that you can truly rely on, to get where you want to be – like the cliché says: The only one who can make it happen is yourself.


The road is ahead of you, start


Any journey that takes you somewhere really spectacular, somewhere beyond your expectations of yourself and better than your wildest dreams, that journey will be long and difficult because in order to get there you will have to overcome your fears and doubts, and this is unpleasant and challenging so it is natural that you will need some practice, and practice takes time because you will get it wrong and it feel as if you are failing.

To increase your will power you need to know what will make you happy in life – but don’t worry! My 2014 report shows that most people (98%) already know what makes them happy, although only 50% are aware of it. When you hold in your mid what you really want in life you do not need “motivation” because you will have something a lot stronger: Passion!

When you feel passionate about something, no force in the world can hold you back from doing that. You can use hypnotherapy to increase your passion for your own success, as well as discover the actual techniques that you will use on a daily basis to practice increasing your will power.

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