#8 What is a personal affirmation?

By Andrew Wilding

Top 8 questions about hypnotherapy #8: What is a personal affirmation? Why should you write a neurolinguistic affirmation?

A personal affirmation is a new program that you want to give your subconscious mind. Brian scientists since Sigmund Freud have told us that we only use a maximum of 12% of our brain. The other 88% is subconscious. Freud’s greatest discover was that most of our behaviour is driven by subconscious programs – from the language we speak and the way we stand and walk, to our religion and moral beliefs.

Learning how to write affirmations is very empowering

Affirmations change your subconscious mind

Since the renewal of neuroplasticity research in the 1960s, more and more people are teaching their brains new programs to make them more successful in their careers and relationships, more confident, give up smoking, lose weight, improve their sleep, and sort out their life problems.

“It is not possible to change deep seated beliefs in another person, such as their religion or morals.”

Dr. Milton Erikson

Writing a neurolinguistic affirmation for yourself is an essential life skill. Neurolinguistics (brain language) is the study of the words and language patterns that have the greatest meaning for you. Everyone’s brain language is unique, so a basic knowledge of neurolinguistics is essential for effective affirmation writing. Like computer programming, you must write the program in a certain code, and then install the new software. In the case of your brain, the code is neurolinguistics and the installation happens organically: the more you use your new program, the more it becomes a habit.

“Neurons that fire together wire together.”

Hebb’s Law of Neuroplasticity

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