What is hypnotherapy used for? 8 Most Common Uses for Hypnotherapy and How it Helps

Hypnotherapy is used for shifting your consciousness about a part of life that was causing you pain or irritation. This doesn’t mean just giving up and letting the problem win, it means that changing your perspective on a problem is the first step in solving it. But what is hypnotherapy used for actually?

What is hypnotherapy used for? No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it


Andy keeps a careful record of what people are using hypnotherapy for. His research is not limited to his own practice but includes global statistics which he collects from Google search information.

What is hypnotherapy used for? Anxiety

The success of using hypnotherapy to overcome anxiety rests on the simple truth that no person can be relaxed and anxious at the same time. Andy uses a variety of relaxation techniques in hypnosis. His treatments feature supportive methods to help a person relax more deeply, such as psychoacoustic sounds and meditation training. There is also homework to practice, which is essential in creating new neural pathways in the brain, that allow relaxation to become a habit.
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What is hypnotherapy used for? Depression

The key to understanding depression, Andy explains, is to think of emotions as hormones. At any given time, a complicated combination of hormones is coursing through the body and brain, and these hormones determine our emotional state. Depression is an emotional state, which means that if we learn to release hormones that create a positive emotional state we will experience enjoyment and pleasure instead of sadness and pointlessness. Depression feels like an overwhelming sense of being defeated by life challenges but Andy’s treatment provides practical as well as emotional solutions. He makes it easy to follow his strategy by setting small but fulfilling tasks for homework. Each moment of fulfilment creates and strengthens the neural pathways in the brain that enable that positive emotional state. The science of neuroplasticity proves the success of using hypnotherapy to overcome depression. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to “rewire itself”, which it does through practice and habit forming.
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What is hypnotherapy used for? Insomnia

An excess of stimulants such as sugar and caffeine is often a cause of insomnia. However, struggling to fall asleep at night is often caused by mental activity. Andy’s methods are as practical as they are mystical, although as he explains, magic is just science that we don’t yet understand. Nutrition is a standard question on his entry form because blood sugar (energy) levels in the body directly effect our emotional state. Skipping meals during the day releases adrenaline to keep us active, but this can also keep us awake at night. Andy uses a combination of relaxation techniques which one can practice at home before going to bed, or even in bed, to let go of thinking and let sleep happen naturally.
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What is hypnotherapy used for? Anger

The “Five Stages of Grief” are quite well known (denial; anger; depression; bargaining; letting go) but its easy to become stuck in one of these stages. A person who is stuck in denial is nearly impossible to help because they will not ask for help. But a person stuck in anger knows that something is wrong, because they will often feel anxious or depressed. The way out of anger and depression is bargaining – what is it that you really want? The answer to that question may be surprising because the cause of anger is hurt. Andy’s technique is to help a person create a bargain with life – the terms on which that person agrees that life would be okay. The treatment for anger is to heal from the hurt and create life situations that are positive and enjoyable. Once the bargain is upheld, letting go comes naturally.
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