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By Andrew Wilding

Top 8 questions about hypnotherapy #1: Why am I so anxious? How to reduce anxiety

the methods I will show you will even help you in the middle of a sever panic attack

The solution to reducing anxiety is to calm your thinking and remind yourself how to relax


Anxiety is a feeling caused by hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol that are released into your bloodstream when your subconscious mind believes that you are in danger. One of your subconscious defence mechanisms is the “fight flight” response which all animals have, to give you a surge of energy when you feel threatened.

Modern threats such as financial stress or relationship tension are just as severe to your central nervous system as if you saw a huge bear in your living room, and the response in your body is an increase in heart rate and breathing, increased blood flow to your limbs and brain, dryness of mouth, sweating, and decreased ability to concentrate – all of which are designed to prepare your mind and body for quick defensive action.

The “fight flight” function of your brain is ancient, but it is programmed by your present life, starting in childhood, when you learn what to avoid and what is safe for you. What you have learned to fear is not necessarily rational or dangerous, because this part of your brain is programmed by beliefs and is both very personal to you and often illogical. For example, a circumstance that has zero actual danger for you can still trigger your anxiety if you subconsciously associate that circumstances with danger. Anxiety is often caused by irrational fears.

Anxiety and depression result from a stale-mate situation in your life that has become jammed.

Your subconscious defence mechanism is “fight or flight”, which your subconscious mind alternates until you are free from the situation that you perceive to be a threat. If you are not able to fight or run, fight becomes anxiety and flight becomes depression, but the cycle continues until you can resolve the problem and feel safe.

The solution to reducing anxiety is to calm your thinking and remind yourself how to relax, but equally important is discovering or acknowledging the underlying cause, and finding a real life solution. In your sessions I will help you to identify the problem that is causing your anxiety, take you through a process to design your unique solution, and then use hypnotherapy to show you how to reduce your anxiety by taking control of your thoughts, so that you can avoid allowing worry to build up.

Hypnosis is the perfect way to learn how to control anxiety because you will see how anxiety starts, and practice how to stop it before it gets out of hand. Usually, by the time you notice that you are feeling anxious, it quite difficult to come down from it, but the methods I will show you will even help you in the middle of a sever panic attack.

If you struggle with anxiety I can help you online via Skype or Google Chat or at my rooms in Tokai, Cape Town.

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Andrew Wilding is a Counseling Hypnotherapist (HMI C.Ht) specialising in creative Visualization and psychoacoustics. He is also a radio presenter on Fine Music Radio, committee member of the Friends of Orchestral Music Cape Town, and a motivational speaker.