Dalai Lama World Peace

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”

The Dalai Lama


World peace – one person at a time

I believe that we all contribute to world peace. Scientific research in the effectiveness of the TM technique proved consecutively that if the square root of 1% of any population is peaceful and happy and feels fulfilled in their lives, that tiny percentage of the population is enough to influence the others and cause a measurable decline in violent crimes and motor accidents. The methods I use have helped me to overcome my stutter, IBS, and depression. Wellness practitioners like myself can help one person at a time and increase the level of happiness in each person, and this will have an extremely positive influence on a personal, environmental, and global scale, as it will encouraging more people to find their happiness instead of staying trapped in the cycle of violence and unhappiness.


Overcoming stuttering, anxiety, IBS, depression – the development of Neuro-Behavioural Sound Reprogramming

Ever since I can remember, happiness has always been the most important thing to me. When I was 15, hearing Beethoven’s 5th symphony for the first time, I was overwhelmed and astounded by the psycho-emotional effect that sound can have on a person. Although high school was rather a nightmare – I had anxiety, IBS, an impossible stutter, terrifying acne, a mouth full of braces, and depression – I always knew that after school I could escape to a beautiful world of happiness in my mind, listening to the great piano concertos and symphonies.

Even though I was only imagining it, I actually felt happy.

I was later to understand that the subconscious mind can not tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined.

While studying fine art at Michaelis UCT, I was offered a chance to present a program on Fine Music Radio 101.3 Cape Town – a huge challenge to overcome my stutter, which had not changed, despite years of speech therapy. I developed a method specifically for my radio show “Winding Down” where if I felt my speech blocking, I would change the word or the phrasing of what I was going to say, and I found that this allowed me to continue with only a slight pause, instead of trying to force the word through the block, over endless ticking seconds of dead air!

Presenting "Winding Down" on Fine Music radio, 2004

Presenting “Winding Down” on Fine Music radio, 2004


I still use the same technique today – my stutter has’nt gone away, I just don’t do it any more. This is not an easy cure for stuttering, nor was it the only element to my “cure”. During my 20s I explored many ancient healing practices – Peruvian Shamanism; Transcendental Meditation; Reiki; Hatha Yoga – and I believe that it was a combination of all these practices that not only taught me to develop control over my mind to the point where I can choose to speak fluently, but also released the stress that was causing my anxiety and IBS.

In 2004 I travelled to London where I began studying psychology and hypnotherapy online at HMI. During that time I played guitar and bass in 3 bands, and produced electronic trance music. I came across H.W. Dove’s work from the 1830’s, discovering binaural beats and the frequency following response, and I became very interested in the modern developing field of psychoacoustics. In 2005 I founded Neuro-Behavioural Sound Reprogramming (NBSR) – a system of healing modalities that use all the methods and practices I had studied, to help people in shifting their perspective and overcoming their life challenge.

I lived in Durban from 2010 to 2014, practising NBSR and delivering motivational seminars and workshops, most recently “The Power Of Belief”, La Montogne Hotel, Ballito.

Motivational Seminars

“The Power Of Belief”, La Montogne Hotel, Ballito



  • BA Fine Art – University of Cape Town
  • Diploma in Hypnotherapy (C.Ht) – Hypnosis Motivation Institute, California
  • Certificate in Conversational Hypnosis – Igor Ledochowski, London
  • Hatha Yoga Teacher’s Certificate – Anada Kutir Ashram, Cape Town
  • Third Degree Usui Reiki Master – Najma Ebrahim, Cape Town
  • Transcendental Meditation – Liz Welsh, Cape Town
  • G8 Royal Schools of Music, piano – Stewart Young, Cape Town




Andy Wilding FMR, The Classic A List

Fine Music Radio 2014, Classic Breakfast. I am currently doing a show on Sundays 12 – 2pm called the Classic A List – #ClassicAList


Why I use NBSR in my own life all the time

The methods that comprise NBSR were indispensable to me as natural treatments for my own life’s obstacles – anxiety, stuttering, IBS, and depression. I use NBSR to help me realise, understand, and accept what makes me happy, without judging or trying to change to be more in line with what my rational mind thinks should make me happy. I follow my bliss, which is often illogical, but it makes me happy!

  • Work in progress: I am still overcoming my negative beliefs about money! It’s hard work, but I am winning! I am wealthier now than I have ever been in my life.
  • NBSR continuously helps me to transform anger and frustration with life or people, and turn that energy into positive action and motivation, (or humour!) instead of blowing my top or denying my anger and pushing it deeper, where it would do serious damage.
  • It allowed me to control my anxiety. I don’t really get anxiety any more but it used to be a serious problem. When I was four or five I saw doctors and speech therapists about my stutter, to no avail. Later I developed IBS and again, there was “no cure”. It occurred to me that the more anxious I became, the worse my stutter and IBS effected me. When I learned to control my thinking, I realised that could control my anxiety, and both the stuttering and the IBS vanished!
  • I use this method to heal psycho-emotionally from the past, and develop positive self-beliefs for my now, and my future. Neuro-Behavioural Sound Reprogramming is very thorough, it treats the symptom as well as the cause. The psycho-emotional damage is repaired, and negative self-beliefs are replaced with self-love and confidence. This is an effective natural way to cure depression.
  • It gives my brain an exercise program for mental training that allows me to practice my new beliefs until they become habits. To save time, I combine mental and physical training, so that while gyming I’m also doing visualisation and psychoacoustic training.

More Uses for Neuro-Behavioural Sound Reprogramming

  • Improve your sleep
  • Learn how to meditate
  • Increase your self-motivation and will power
  • Expand your awareness of how other people will be effected by your actions
  • Allow Love into your life


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