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2014 Survey in Cape Town: Top 5 reasons why people use hypnotherapy: Improve sleep, Ease anxiety, Reduce anger, Increase will power and motivation, Find direction in life
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“My hypnotherapy sessions are unique blends of sound and language that calmly engage and activate more of the mind. This creates the ideal mental workspace for you to break through mental blocks, establish positive thinking habits, and develop an overall sense of wellbeing.” Andy Wilding, founder of NBSR.

Introducing Andy Wilding

Andy works with creative visualization and psychoacoustics to enable you to reassure your subconscious mind and change your thinking. There are no generic voice-overs or corny synthesisers involved – instead, Andy uses a completely unique combination of one to one sessions, and tailor-made personal audio hypnosis tracks that play for about 20 minutes, although the effects can last a life time. In your sessions, Andy takes a personal interest in understanding what your obstacles are, listening to what makes you happy, and tailoring your solution, with your input.

Andy has developed specific techniques to help with real life issues including anxiety and panic attacks, giving up smoking, emerging from depression, building up confidence, and getting to sleep.

Research in neuroplasticity broke through in the 1960s with Paul Bach-y-Rita working with stroke patient recovery, and more recently, Dr Alvaro Pascual-Leone showed the development of neural pathways in pianists, in a study at Harvard Medical School – which also led him to discover that “mental practice resulted in a similar reorganization” of the brain. Meanwhile, Richard Davidson’s work with fMRI scans of meditating Buddhist monks shows that a positive state of mind is a skill that can be trained.

Psychoacoustic research began in 1839 with neuro-scientist Heinrich Dove’s discovery of the “Frequency-Following Response”, and today it has become an extremely popular method of mental coaching, leading to the 2014 launch of “Digipill” by Apple and Google – an app which you can download, with generic audio hypnosis tracks.


How to use your personal audio hypnosis track

Typically in your first session, Andy will coach you through designing your solution, rehearsing your creative visualization, and recording your audio track. You then receive the remastered psychoacoustic track by email to download onto your phone, or you can request a CD. Then just sit back with your headphones and let your conscious mind work with your solution to reassure your subconscious.

The effect is that within 5 to 10 minutes you can easily find yourself assembling the benefits of your tailor-made strategic mental coaching program that sets you up for the rest of the day, whether you are mentally preparing for an important meeting, winding down after a stressful day, or that moment when you just need to remind yourself why you are here.

Most people will feel the effect accumulating with each listen. The best way to use your personal hypnosis track is to sit in a comfortable relaxing environment without any distractions.

Do not use your hypnosis track while driving or operating machinery. Hypnosis is a highly relaxing state that focuses your mind on what you want, and may distract your concentration while performing these actions.


Updating your personal audio hypnosis track

You are given a personal hypnosis track early in your treatment to use any time you want. This will be the first step in your solution. You can use it to change your perspective and understanding of your issue and when you feel a change you can record an updated version in your next session.

The audio tracks in this method are created by internationally recognised Mind Coach and Psychoacoustics producer Andy Wilding. Andy is a Motivational Hypnotherapist, (HMI) Meditation Coach, Yoga Teacher, DJ, and founder of Neuro-Behavioural Sound Reprogramming (NBSR).

Psychoacoustics and the Frequency Following Response have been the subjects of many reports by the BBC, Scientific American, and Wired. Andy’s hypnosis tracks however are unique and he does not use generic voice-overs. Andy’s fascination with neuroplasticity is inspired by recent developments such as the Miami Project to cure paralysis, and the Emotions and Neuroplasticity Project which examines the relationship between psychoemotional activity and neural network formation.

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