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Hypnotherapy is the most natural way to overcome any problem or obstacle in your mind, because it takes place in the natural brain state of dreaming. It’s easy to understand how you can have a hypnotherapy treatment on-line via Skype or Google Chat when you understand how hypnotherapy works – and it’s much simpler than most people think.

The brain states: Delta 1-3Hz; Theta 4-8Hz; Alpha 9-14Hz; Beta 15-30Hz

The 8Hz frequency is your brain’s a natural dream state and will encourage relaxation and creativity. 30-40Hz would be uncomfortable because for your brain, above 30Hz is an anxiety state

Hypnosis is exactly the same brain state as dreaming, so the job of your Hypnotherapist is to get you into a dream state without making you fall asleep. You are not “out of it” or unconscious when you are hypnotised, it is actually a very common state that you go into every time you are entertained – watching TV or movies, going to the theatre, even listening to a story. Story-telling is one of the oldest methods of entertainment that goes back thousands of years, in fact hypnotherapy was practised all over the ancient world in healing centres called Sleep Temples, or Dream Temples, found in ancient Greece, Egypt, Sumer, Persia, India, and China.

Why do TV and movies effect you? How can they make you feel excited or happy or sad? What makes you react emotionally when in reality nothing is happening to you?


The best way to understand hypnotherapy is to think of it as your own private movie that you write yourself before you go into the cinema, and when you are completely happy with it, you go in and watch it, and let it do it’s work. Naturally, it is vital that you trust the person who is directing your movie so that they can give you the tools you need to overcome your problem or obstacle, so you need to be sure that your Hypnotherapist knows what he or she is doing.

Many people are sceptical about whether hypnosis will work over Skype. From my perspective it works even better than the sessions I do in person because you are in the comfort and sanctuary of your own home and you control your surroundings, and that makes you feel more safe and secure. When we do your Skype session your eyes are closed and you are listening to my voice, just as you would be in my office in Cape Town, only more convenient for you. I have done hundreds of hypnotherapy online sessions using Skype, and people have the most amazing experiences. No reason to wait, this may be just the moment you were waiting for to do something about that obstacle in your life. You are not reading this because you don’t think it would help, are you?

“Thank you Andrew, I have been shifting through strong emotions quicker than usual, which I know from my practice is an indication that some strong response is on its way out. Since the session I have had therapeutic pulse (When emotional experiences gets released from the physical tissue) at my back, left solar plexus area. – Amanda, Alaska


What is Skype?

Skype is a video phone call service that lets you call anyone who also uses Skype, anywhere in the world, and the reason I use it is because it’s absolutely free! (You don’t have to download it or buy credits, that’s for making calls to mobile phones and land lines.) Internet calls are FREE, with no time limit.

What is Google Chat?

If you use Gmail or Google Mail, you can enable “Chat” in Settings. Invite someone on your contacts to chat by hovering your mouse over their picture and clicking the little video camera icon. This will effectively be the same as a Skype call – free! Super easy, let me know if you need any help setting up..

Don’t have Skype or Gmail?

The easiest way is to set up a Skype Hypnosis Session:

  • You will need to sign up for your Skype account. Take a few minutes to fill in your basic information and your Skype Name. Friends or colleagues can see your Skype Name, so you can make it something easy and recognisable, like your name. It’s free to join, you can do it here: https://login.skype.com/account/signup-form
  • Once you have your Skype account set up you are ready to have your hypnotherapy online session – it’s as easy as that 🙂


Got Skype / Google Chat, what now?

  • Now, call or email me to let me know that you would like to do an online hypnotherapy session via Skype or Google Chat.
  • I will email you a self-hypnosis training CD (30 minutes) and your registration form.
  • You will need to listen to the training CD every day for a week before your first session. The CD will help you to practice controlling your own thoughts, while at the same time becoming familiar with the sound of my voice, which means you will have more success going into hypnosis quickly so that we have more time to do training in your sessions.
  • Two hours are required for your first session. Select your preference from this list of packages. Remember that hypnotherapy is not magic, it’s training. Therefore, the more sessions you have, the easier it will be for you to make the changes you want, and the greater and more permanent those changes will be. Payment is done by credit card or EFT.
  • Your appointment will be set up one week after payment to give you time to become familiar with the basics on the self hypnosis CD.


How much does hypnosis cost? Click here.


Tips for setting up your online hypnotherapy session

  • Choose a quiet room, close the curtains or blinds, and open a window if the weather allows it.
  • Set your phone on silent.
  • Choose a comfortable chair or sofa that lets you recline with plenty of back support. Lying in bed is ok, provided that your upper body and head is supported with pillows so that you can see your computer screen.
  • I use rapid eye movement to gage your depth in hypnosis, so I need to see be able to see your eyes. Position your web camera or laptop as close to you as possible so that your head fills the screen.


Call now to start your process of change. It won’t happen overnight, but if you commit to it I can promise you that change will happen.
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