Motivational Speakers Cape Town: Andy Wilding

Purpose in the Universe

To show others how to help themselves.
motivational speakers cape town Andy Wilding

Andy’s Personal Goal

To help one million people have loving understanding relationships with themselves and others and be more successful than they ever dreamed they could be.

What is GPS?

GPS – Goal Programming System – a set of highly effective motivational methods that yourself and your staff can practice every day, to accomplish specific tasks or actions that will result in you achieving the goals that you set for yourself.

GPS Training consists of 4 methods that catalyse and enhance each other – Goal Setting to give direction and purpose; Visualisation to engage the subconscious mind into self-motivation; Journalling to keep a record of progress, challenges, and the skills developed to overcome the challenges; and The Mental Bank Program to help employee’s re-write their life script, and prepare them subconsciously for higher earning.

Why Andy Chooses Motivation Coaching

“I have a good reason to be passionate about helping people. From the age of 3, I used to stutter. Of course during school my parents tried everything, speech therapy, tests, nothing helped. But I always believed that I would one day “grow out of it” and be able to speak fluently, even though I didn’t know how. And I always imagined that, when I found a way to stop stuttering, I would tell the whole world about it, and become one of the top motivational speakers in Cape Town and the world. I wanted to try to help other people to overcome their obstacles and achieve their goals, even if at the time it seemed impossible to them.”

Andy overcame his stutter and is now a proud member of BNI, delivering regular key note addresses. He also presents a classical music radio program on FMR 101.3 every Sunday.

Andy Wilding motivational speakers cape town

The last seven years in his hypnotherapy practice has taught Andy a lot about the psychology of motivation. He helps people to overcome their obstacles and achieve their goals mainly by visualisation training, because as he explains, when you visualise doing something or being successful, the subconscious mind can not tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined, so your brain actually builds the neural networks that you require, to choose successful actions and be successful. Visualisation is a great tool to help your mind to learn. Your imagination enables your new successful habits to become part of your unconscious thinking, via a process called neuro-plasticity – the brain rewiring itself.

GPS training occurs 100% in the normal conscious state and does not involve hypnosis at any point.

In the employee engagement process, motivation training is the final step. Awareness is growing, that an “engaged” work force is more productive, more committed, more co-operative, and ultimately that translates to higher performance and greater profits. This is a major roll for the HR department – to create an atmosphere of humanity and caring, and valuing, and acknowledgement. But GPS is not a psychometric test, or an employee satisfaction survey, or any kind of feedback system – those are earlier steps in the process. As the final step, GPS provides motivation in the form of an individual plan of action for every participant, that keeps the whole organisation self motivated, goal orientated, and a rewarding place to work.


One of the most original motivational speakers Cape Town has to offer, Andy Wilding presents the GPS Goal Programming System.

The GPS Goal Programming System distils four individualised goal achievement systems and integrates them into a 20 minute daily motivation program, divided into 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening. The four systems are explained in the two-part motivation seminar “The Power of Belief”.

The four Individualised Goal Achievement Systems are presented over two separate training sessions. “The Power of Belief” seminar is the brains of the GPS Training. It provides the motivation and reasons for participants to try out this extremely disciplined system, by giving only 20 minutes of their day to the Daily Implementation Program. One-to-One Path-Clearing Sessions are a great way to work through the personal concerns or challenges that participants might have.


Goal Achievement System 1 – SMART Goal Setting
SMART is a well known acronym for the essential ingredients in successful goal setting. The meaning varies depending on the training style, but in the GPS training, the letters stand for: Specific, Measurable, Action-Oriented, Rewarding, Time-Based. These principles are applied on 5 levels of magnification: the 10-year goal or Dream Life; 3-year goals; 1-year goals; 5 Steps to reach 1-year goals; and the daily GPS Success Journal.

Goal Achievement System 2 – Daily Implementation Program
Keeping a daily journal is promoted extensively in business and corporate circles. Making a new list every day allows ongoing projects to evolve, while keeping track of what needs to be done each day. Keeping score with the GPS Success Journal makes your goal achieving feel like a sport that you’re learning to be good at. In the GPS Success Journal, you are constantly challenging yourself by comparing your previous day’s score with your average score. The GPS Success Journal is like the actual SATNAV device, that reminds you which way to go, and what to do next. The GPS Success Journal is part of the 10 minute morning motivation program.

Goal Achievement System 3 – Visualisation and Imagination
We occasionally see videos of this technique being applied by sports professionals who require a high level of concentration, like high speed racing. But behind the scenes it is an extremely powerful “secret weapon”, prolific in a wide range of performance, sports, and business careers. Visualisation and Imagination is part of the 10 minute morning motivation program, using the content of your 5 level SMART goals. Participants bring magazines to make vision boards, so that you can see images of what you want every day for motivation. If you already have a vision board, you learn how to visualise your vision board from memory, and imagine having achieved your goals already, and feeling the emotion of success.



Goal Achievement System 4 – Mental Bank
Developed at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in California, this daily method applies the 6 Principles of suggestibility to help you BELIEVE that you can earn twice as much as your current income. The results are astounding, and repeatable! The Mental Bank makes up the entire 10 minute evening motivation program.


GPS in Action


  • Set timer 5 min: Read through and contemplate your goals, imagine doing each step you need to take to get there, visualise and feel the enjoyment of having achieved each step
  • Set timer 5 min: New list in your GPS Success Journal – Today I will achieve:



  • Set timer 10 min: Fill in your Mental Bank Ledger and list “Happenings” that day.

Andy Wilding motivational speakers cape town

  • Tailored training for your organisation
  • Solve under-performance problems caused by stress, anxiety, apathy, or negativity in your workplace
  • 2 part group training: 2+2 hours
  • Optional one-to-one follow ups
  • 5-Tier system for managing 10-Year life goals 
  • GPS Success Journal and Mental Bank Ledger
  • R10,000.00


Talk to me, I’d love to know if I can help you or your company! 079 567 4261

Motivational Speakers Cape Town

Andy Wilding is one of the top motivational speakers Cape Town has to offer.fg

Andy Wilding motivational speakers cape town BNI presentation.

“Motivation is the final step in the employee engagement process.

The most exciting part of my job is talking to people in an organisation that acknowledges the advantages of a self-fulfilled work-force.

My favourite clients have already structured performance incentives for their company and are now looking for a higher gear to shift into, where each individual knows what they want in life and sees the company as a means to achieve their personal goals.”

Andy Wilding, group and corporate motivational seminars

Andy Wilding is an inspiring motivational speaker, guiding his audience to remember their passion in life, and teaching them a brilliant method of personal motivation to leverage company incentives holistically so that fulfilling their passion benefits both themselves and their organisation.

Andy is also a prominent Radio Presenter on Fine Music Radio, currently compiling and presenting his own program on Sundays 12 – 2, “The Classic A List”. He has a wide knowledge of music and is also an avid reviewer of classical concerts in and around Cape Town.

His motivational workshops are tailor made to assure that the material in his presentation is relevant to your staff and the needs of your organisation. The material is derived from his 4 year private practice of on to one hypnotherapy sessions in which he treated cases of anxiety, panic, and depression, by helping his clients to remember their direction in life, and then teaching specialised mental training to stay focussed, calm, and motivated.

Motivational seminars typically include a blend of:

  • understanding your basic needs and recognising your life purpose
  • motivating concepts such as the extent to which your state of mind creates what happens in your life
  • practical training to leverage your current resources more efficiently
  • mental training to strengthen your will power
  • self-hypnosis techniques for using desire instead of force



  • more efficient use of time and higher productivity
  • better stress and frustration management
  • increased will power and motivation
  • clarity of individual purpose
  • improved communication and people skills


“You will leave this workshop feeling relaxed, empowered, and confident in your ability to use a reliable success method in your personal and professional life.” – Sarita Herman, CEO Energy Supplements


Personal success training is recommended for groups in corporate, government, sports, retail, schooling, and NGO sectors.

Tailored training for your organisation:

  • Solve under-performance problems caused by stress, anxiety, apathy, or negativity in the workplace.
  • 2 part group training: 2+2 hours
  • R10,000.00



Contact Andy Wilding directly:
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